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December 13, 2012
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Chasing Your Dreams by Mirandarin Chasing Your Dreams by Mirandarin
My first ever manip. Well i did one 2 years ago which was a pile of images i found of google, which i dont want to get in trouble for sharing XD

Ive had a rough time lately with having my life ruined by certain people and bringing my self esteem down and pretty much making me shut off from life. But ive slowly been bringing myself out. And this piece essentially depicts that, im chasing the dream, its so close, yet so far away.

Also any help and tips from those who are more pro on Photomanips would be great! This image is subjected to editing :D

Took me roughly 9 - 10 hours


Manipulation [c] :iconmirandarin:

Photographs used [c] their respective owners below.

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Malleni-Stock Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Your work is part of my latest Stock use Feature which you can find here: [link]
If for any reason you want your picture to be removed, just let me know :hug:
Its completely fine. Thank you for notifying me :D
Beautiful Mira <3
Thankies <3 It was nice to let some steam off on something XD
I think it is a fabulous way to let of steam ^_^
Eileenzelness Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's just awesome for your first manip! :heart:
Your grounding is very good, you changed the colour of the biggest horse good too, and your manes are just Q A Q
/the only thing I would suggest is maaaaaaybe changing the lightning a little, because its very blue and i dont see any blue light c:
Be proud of this!
There is a blue glow coming from the spirit horse/the mist following it. And i wanted to show that is too had a slight light source, which made the image rather hard to manip, as there was then lighting from both sides of the larger horse. So a "glow" i thought "should" work.

I started out by making the ghost horse match the surrounding and giving it an orange glow, though it really Changing was the Warm oranges,yellows and reds. I thought, why not change to the cool colours, making it "pop"

Thank you so much for the feedback. Really do appreciate it! Im guessing Q A Q means they are okay? XD
Eileenzelness Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, in that case, i think you should lighten up the blue a little, because the ghosty horse isn't really that blue, and thats whylooks a little unrealistic. You did a great job on the colour changes! I wish my first manip was this good xD And yeps, if you look carefully, the Q A Q is a smiley xD
calicocougra Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow mira! This looks awesome!!!
So this is what you were doing while you where on xbox watching a movie? XD

The only thing I am a little confused on; whats in front of the ghost horse?
Is it like a "portal" type thing?
I wasnt really watching the movie, it was kinda playing while i was busy. Then i got bored, went on skyrim, then left that going while i did more XD I also finally got a new xbox, and getting a new huge TV for christmas. So i should be on more, there for getting a new xbox live. I never played on that 3 months i got XD
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